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Ever Forward

It’s been a while since I have posted on here, but as many of you who follow me know, that’s sadly in my nature.  For some reason I always seem to be doing a number of things at once and that trait continues.  So I won’t make insane promises that I will be completely on top of updating this blog from here on out, but I know I want to document all the stuff I have planned for this year simply because of the amount of changes going on.  Because of that I am hoping to be on here updating more often; we’ll see how that goes. 


Today I just want to share a few of the things that are going on. To start, I FINALLY got full-time at work which is great!  I really enjoy working with my students, so it’s nice to finally get to do that AND get paid well to do so.  Thankfully that change has also allowed me room to focus on my next goal which is to GET A HOUSE. 

I have rented for nearly 10 years now and while it’s had its moments (gotta love not having to pay for repairs), I think it’s finally time to pass this phase of my life and move into home ownership. 

The question is, will the bank agree?  I have (last I knew) the credit necessary to making such a purchase and now that my husband and I have steady jobs we should be able to sell them on giving us a loan. Unfortunately there’s always that nail-biting nagging feeling that they’re going to shove your hat into your chest and show you the door.  

Of course this is just another worry to add to the typical homeowner fears of, “is this a good idea?” “how will I pay for upkeep” and “is this something I can really afford what with taxes, insurance, and natural disasters.”

But then I measure that against my feelings and suddenly home ownership wins out.  I long for space.  Not a ton of space, but more room than what I have right now and not just indoor space, but also outdoor.  I was raised in a small town on a property that had 9 acres of land. The state forest was literally feet from my bedroom window and i had my run of the foot trails and creeks.  Right now I live in an apartment complex with a shared large back lot that is surrounded by various fenced in back yards which lead to disembodied sounds of children and dogs.  There’s no real connection.  I do not feel free to garden in it, nor do I feel free to play out back (bocce and other yard sports can easily end in dog poo that’s been left behind by neighbors).  It isn’t that I can’t share, I have no real issues with doing so, it’s just that I’m ready for something that is mine.  I can decide what will be planted there, I can decide if we want to splurge and add a deck and most importantly, I can turn the back yard lights on and off whenever I please. 


I know that it sounds silly.  Lights?  But yes, LIGHTS.  I grew up in the country and nearly every night we were treated with amazing views of the Milky Way. I have watched spectacular meteor showers with my father - my favorite being the accidental viewing we had at 3am when we both woke up needing the bathroom and bumped into each other in the kitchen where we spotted a few meteors zip by.  Cut to 20 minutes later and we were outside in our jammies just watching the night go by.  It is a treasured memory that I hope never to forget. I want such memories for my own future children.  This will not happen in our current location.  Here the night sky is a dull orange hue 90% of time.  On those rare nights when the street lights don’t mute the skies, we get maybe a fraction of the amazing blanket of stars that I know are out there and that hurts me.  

I didn’t realize just how much my soul leaps at the sight of stars until two weekends ago when we were visiting a co-worker who lives about 4 miles out of town and up on a hill.  As I sat on his porch, a drink in my hand, I watched the night sky come to life and my breath caught in my throat. It had been almost 2 years since I had seen such a sight, and I missed it.  While the others chatted on about various things, I silently sat there and watched.  Planes crossed the night sky, blinking red and white, occasionally a star would twinkle and I couldn’t be happier.  

It was then that I knew I needed to get out of the city. 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being close enough to work to walk and there are tons of things in Elmira that I adore (The ballpark, the drive-in and many of the great local restaurants are certainly reasons to stay close).  However when I factor in the terrible school district with this pull in my soul to get back to country living, I feel that it’s time.  Hopefully we can find a place that’s still within Cable internet access (one thing I don’t miss from my country kid days is the lack of basic services lol), and of course not too far from work for gas reasons.  More than anything I just want a half an acre or more of my own land to garden and sit in while I take in the night views.  After experiencing that feeling again the other weekend, I think it’s worth risking repairs to have a place to call your own in this universe. 

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I have GOT to get better about this!

SOOOOO Much going on!  I swear i’ll catch you guys up, but i need to make myself have just ONE DAY where i can update and keep things going.  I think i shall make that day Friday.  I’m usually free after class and it just seems like the right time.  So there we are, I figured it out right now in front of you all and if i don’t keep updating fridays, you’re welcome to harass me on my facebook page lol. 

ANYWAY i have new NEWS!  

I’m excited to say that we are now taking pre-orders for the second printing of my comic, Wayward.  Again this is a 2nd printing of issue ZERO and will offer a variant cover by artist, Fell Boley for just $2.75! We will accept pre-orders until Wednesday, March 19th.  You can get more details on Wayward’s facebook page, so please stop on by and say hi while you’re there :)


More Wayward News: Issue 1 is going into production.  We’ll be updating everyone with sneak peeks as the process continues so keep an eye on our facebook page and of course I’ll be talking about it on here.

In other news i’m working on yet another hush hush project and hope to do some reveals regarding that in the upcoming months.  


Or it better be, if this 50 degree weather today is another tease i might have to drop kick the first meteorologist i see.

Anyway, more info to come soon and more random observations, as well.  It’s been a while since i’ve done a random observation round up.  I feel the need to pick that up again.  - ielle

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Wayward Son

So as many of you who follow me on here know, I’ve been trying to get a comic up and running for a number of years.  It’s been a labor of love that’s had numerous Braxton Hicks moments over the last few years.  Well finally i’m happy to report that my creation, Wayward, is nearing its debut! 


We have a kickstarter campaign coming up in early July and are hoping to go to press shortly after.  I cannot tell you just how excited i am to see this one coming together, and of course you can follow us, and this exciting process, on both our facebook page and tumblr.  We plan to do various sneak peeks and releases online as we prep for Wayward’s release, so if you don’t want to miss out, like us on facebook today!

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PAX East 2013

Oh what fun i had last weekend in boston!  Check out the pics from Saturday’s PAX EAST cosplay event.  Man, people must have some amazing jobs to let them afford some of this stuff.  Enjoy!

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This is what passes for a peaceful writing spot in our household.  Sooo you can see what i’m getting jack and shit done tonight. lol.

This is what passes for a peaceful writing spot in our household.  Sooo you can see what i’m getting jack and shit done tonight. lol.

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Taken: The Renaming

Amusing dialogue of the night: Discussion about how there needs to be more Taken movies (tongue firmly in cheek, of course). We came up with the following:
Taken 2 (electric boogaloo*)
Taken 3: Re-taken
Taken 4: The Takening
Taken 5: TOOK

*there’s a house rule here at the Cook Ozog household that all pt 2s should have Electric Boogaloo tacked onto the end.

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The Mini Con To End All Mini-Cons

We’re only a few days away from Elmira’s ONLY comicbook convention, Hero Bot Con! I hope to see many of you there on Saturday, so stop on by my booth.  I have a number of new prints, as well as some old favorites, available.  ALSO, if the Gods are good and my printer doesn’t screw up, I hope to offer a sneak peak at my upcoming short story collection: “Sold for Parts”!  

So cross your fingers everyone, and help me kiss sleep goodbye because there is going to be A LOT of editing and swearing going on in this household until 1am Friday. 

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A Nosebleed that Firestarter would be Proud of

**editor’s note: it’s late, i’m exhausted.  I shall proofread this tomorrow, bear with me you grammar nazis.

My friend, Tina Crossgrove has put out a sneak peek of something she’s working on over at her blog, The Bleeding Typewriter.  It’s good stuff, folks so please take some time to check it out!  

It’s funny, the title of her blog has got me thinking: We writers really do put ourselves through some shit sometimes. 

I don’t mean to make this sound like i’m bitching, i’m not.  I love it!  I don’t think i could survive in a world where i wasn’t allowed to give birth to a story now and then, but that’s a good way of describing it we’re giving birth, and sometimes it can get messy.  

The writing process is not an easy one, nor should it be taken lightly.  I can’t tell you how many of my students are surprised that people like Neil Gaiman, Stephen King and Kurt Vonnegut do rewrites.  Somewhere in our education system we’ve failed students and allowed them to think that “natural writers” can just pump something out on the first try. Please kiddies, don’t do this.  At best, it only leads to sub-par writing.  Famous case in point: Stephen King threw out his first draft of Carrie.  His wife saved it from the “circular file” and told him where he was going wrong with it (oddly enough he wasn’t being cruel enough when depicting teen girls, or at least that’s what she said).  likewise, Neil Gaiman became so frustrated with his script for the Dr. Who episode, “The Doctor’s Wife” that he let Stephan Moffat help him out. Together they finally created a strong enough draft that won a Hugo award!  Of course they aren’t the only examples, Kurt Vonnegut’s daughter has gone on the record recently to say that living with him was a bit like living with an elephant trying to give birth to something twice its size.  Obviously he wasn’t just pulling his stories from the air, tossing them onto the page and going “Done!”  

What’s my point here?  Simply put, I find it amazing that we keep doing this. That so many of us writers come back, despite practically banging our heads against our keyboards.  Why would we put ourselves through all this stress to do this stuff?  Personally, I think it’s an addiction.  More than anything  I love seeing where my stories will take me and i really enjoy visiting with my friends, the character I have created.  Just like you, dear readers, writers want to see how this is all going to play out.  And for that reason i’m super excited to be writing again.  

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Seek Therapy

Tonight’s bizarre kitchen moment:

Jesse (on floor putting away dishes and a bit clueless as to where stuff goes, he’s reaching for our muffin baking pan): Do you know-

Me (serious): The Muffin Pan?

Jesse: The Muffin Pan?

Me (can no longer answer because i’m laughing too hard): Oh God.  The Muffin Pan…HA!

Jesse: Where does it live?

Me (laughing harder): The lane?

Jesse: Oh good, so i wasn’t the only one thinking we were doing a bit here. Seriously though, where the hell does this thing go?